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Welcome State of Florida Employees and Retirees

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Whatever your health goals are, we'll help you get there.

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Whatever you health goals are, we'll help you get there.

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Welcome to the Aetna website for State of Florida employees and retirees.

We are working extra hard for the health of state employees like you. With the two Florida Benefit Option Plans from Aetna, you will get health plan choices, along with award winning customer service that always puts you first. You will also have access to our strong nationwide network. Now that’s a health plan that works hard for you.


Need a temporary ID card?

Click below for information on how to print a temporary ID card from your Aetna Navigator website.

Temporary ID Info (PDF) »
Got a Question - Call 1-877-858-6507 TDD Phone: 800-625-3323

Got a Question? Call 1-877-858-6507
TDD Phone: 800-628-3323